Bramhalls Warning Lights

Whelen Vertex LED Hid-A-Way




 A Single, Self-Contained, Hemispheric Hide-A-Way Light
The Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light is an ultra small, self-contained, hemispheric LED light, for surface mount or internal mount within composite head lamps, cornering lamps and tail light assemblies. This self-contained unit uses an in-line combination lamp driver/flasher which means a simple installation with no separate lamp drivers, flashers, ballast or power supplies to install. New lens technology enhances light distribution for optimum dispersion and intensity of the warning signal at critical angles. Includes pre-wired and sealed 9 foot neoprene cable to the lighthead and lamp driver, with 4-22 gauge power, pattern and synchronize pigtail wires. Only 7/8" in height, this small hemispheric LED lighthead is perfect for most applications where size and intensity are critically important.


  • Each light module contains 6 - Gen3 Super-LEDs.
  • 25 Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Includes synchronize feature for alternating and synchronous flashing of multiple lamps.
  • Aluminum base and advanced thermal heat management system is designed for endless years of trouble free service.
  • Pre-wired and sealed 9 foot neoprene cable to the lighthead and lamp driver, with 4-22 gauge power, pattern and synchronize pigtail wires.
  • Lamp and in-line lamp driver are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.
  • Omni-directional lighthead mounts in any position (orientation), vertically or horizontally.
  • Available in amber, blue, white and red.
  • SAE Class 5.
  • No RFI noise emitted.
  • Voltage: 10 - 16 VDC.
  • 1" hole makes this LED module backwards compatible with all standard 1" Hide-A-Way style lamps.
  • Two screws hold the lamp securely in place.



Price $180.00 Per Pair

Whelen Super LED Hid-A-Way Kit



Whelen 4 Channel Universal LED Hide-A-Way Kit

The Whelen Universal LED Hide-A-Way requires only a tiny 3/4" hole in any composite style headlight, cornering light, or taillight assembly. This new high intensity LED light source provides omni-directional light that fills the reflector, and delivers true wide angle warning to the front and rear of your vehicle. Small size means mounting versatility in almost any vehicle!


  • 4 - Universal LED Hideaway Light Modules.
  • 2 - 6 foot cable (standard), 10, 15, 20 or 25 foot cables optional.
  • 2 - 10 foot cable (standard), 15, 20 or 25 foot cables optional.
  • 1 - 4 channel driver module.
  • Multiple Scan-Lock flash patterns to choose from.
  • Die-cast aluminum base.
  • Tiny 3/4" mounting hole.
  • Backward compatible to HA238 and standard 1" Hideaway style lights.
  • Fully encapsulated lamp driver.
  • Six position waterproof connectors, standard.
  • Omni-directional LED lighthead fills reflector and delivers true wide-angle light.
  • Encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.
  • LED modules available in White, Amber, Blue, and Red.
  • Light Module Dimensions: 1-7/8"(47mm) H x 1-1/4"(32mm) Dia.
  • Driver Module Dimensions: 6-1/2" W x 5/8" H x 2-3/4" D.


Price $500.00 ea.

Whelen CSP690 Strobe Hid-A-Way Kit



 This kit has been specially packaged by Whelen Engineering. The kit features Whelen's CSP690 90 watt power supply. This six outlet power supply offers 115W input (regulated) and 90W output. Flash patterns are selectable via one wire control. It has 2x4 outlet switching, and has simple wiring instructions to change the flash patterns.

Includes 10 ScanLock Flash Patterns:

  • CometFlash
  • DoubleFlash
  • TripleFlash
  • RapidRate
  • ModuFlash
  • MicroBurst II
  • MicroBurst III
  • LongBurst
  • ActionFlash
  • ActionScan

  • Alternate/Simultaneous Outlets: 3x3 (max).
  • Size: 2.5" H x 5.85" W x 6.7" D.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

    Kit also includes:
  • (4) HA238C Hide-A-Way strobes.
  • (4) 15 foot strobe cables.

    Strobes are flange mount style not grommet mount style.



     Price $287.00 ea.

    Sound Off LED Hid-A-Way




    SoundOff's Universal Undercover LED Inserts are a unique and innovative customization of light output with flexible mounting options. This LED hide away insert elevates safety lighting to a whole new level with 3 interchangeable lenses that tailor the light output to complement your mounting application. Insert is a quick and easy retrofit as it fits into existing 1 inch strobe tube cutouts in headlight, taillight and corner lights. Insert has a super efficient heat sink, waterproof o-ring seal and includes 3 interchangeable lenses. Insert is self-contained with in-line flasher (10 inch wire length) and features a 4th wire to set optional Cruise Mode if desired. Cruise Mode reduces light output to 20% power. Coming Soon - Surface Mount Bezels and 10-30 volt option. 

  • Each Insert has 6 Gen3 LEDs.
  • 33 User Selectable Flash Patterns.
  • Cruise Mode Reduces Light Output to 20%.
  • Comes with 3 Interchangeable Lenses.
  • Waterproof O-ring Seal.
  • Retrofits into any 1 inch Strobe Tube Cutouts. 

    Lens #1 Extreme Angle:
  • Wide, even distribution of output with Extreme Angle benefits.
  • Optics designed to maximize the light bouncing off the reflector.
  • Insert ships with Lens #1 attached. 

    Lens #2 Vertical/Forward Impact:
  • Optics designed to concentrate the light through the top of the lens.
  • Choose this lens for optimal power and extreme forward impact on vertical mounts.
  • Extreme side angle output magnified by reflector. 

    Lens #3 Horizontal/Side Impact:
  • Optics designed to concentrate the output through the sides of the lens for extreme, side angle visibility.
  • Choose this lens for optimal power and extreme side angle impact when mounted in the horizontal position.
  • Light from top of the lens fills reflector maximizing signal. 

  • Flash Patterns: 33
  • Light Sync Technology: Yes
  • LED Info: 6 Gen3 LEDs
  • Input Voltage Range: 10 - 16 Vdc
  • Current Draw: 0.75 amps (flash pattern dependent)
  • Operating Temp.: -40º to +65º C
  • Dimensions: 1.5" (38 mm) diameter x 0.9" (23 mm) height. 
  • Price $79.00 ea.